Welcome! If you’ve clicked on this tab then you’re probably wondering what I’m waffling on about and who gave me the authority to do so. Well, the answer is nobody and I’m waffling about everything (well, kind of)…

I am a Communications graduate with a double major in Public Relations and Entertainment and a minor in Fashion, and if there’s one thing that I’m certain about it’s that I want to live a beautiful life, in all aspects. Now that may mean a million different things to a million different people, but I’ve done some work to figure out what that means to me and I think that I might have had a little success. So when I graduated from University the number one thing that I wanted to do was exactly that, to share this knowledge (with those who saw the world similarly to me) of how I could make the world a more ‘beautiful’ (in the most subjective way) place with help from the people around me.

When I couldn’t find a particular job that let me do just that, I decided to do it my own way and bring you these little tips and tricks personally. To be as helpful as possible I will be bringing you a new blog post each Monday and Wednesday as well as a new video each Friday about fashion, beauty, home décor, cooking, fitness (Insert Chrissy Teigen face! You know the one…), events, travel and more! So I’d really love if you joined me on this journey and hopefully we can come up with some pretty, well, pretty things!

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life,” Elsie De Wolfe

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