Wardrobes – The Seriously Crazy, Beautiful Walk In Kind…

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Wardrobes – The Seriously Crazy, Beautiful Walk In Kind…

So, just in case you’ve missed it (though I’m sure by now I’m a broken record about it) my mum is building a new home and although I was no longer living at home when she designed it, and don’t plan on being there much longer (sorry mum!), she has given us each our own room. Luckily for me, I get a small walk in wardrobe to go with that and an ensuite (though unluckily for me I’m stuck with my old double bed). In my mums room there are ‘his’ and ‘hers’ walk in robes and each of my sisters also have a small walk in robe each. So, in this new house there are almost more closets than there are people living there, so we are (and when I saw we, I truly mean just me) going closet crazy, in a good way!

There’s something about a walk in wardrobe that gets me so excited, no matter who it belongs to or how big it is. Naturally when I found out I was getting a walk in robe, I freaked, jumped on Pinterest and now all I want to do is work for Lisa Adams (the woman is a freaking genius! If you don’t know who she is, Google her, one of her many accomplishments is doing the Kardashian closets). So I thought that while I was full of all of my newly gained closet wizardry knowledge, I would share some of my favourite tips and tricks to get that Hollywood closet (otherwise that ‘knowledge’ will all go to waste as soon as I forget it). I’ll also let you know what I’m hoping to implement and when I do, I’ll share the final results with you.

Okay, drumroll please… (I realise now that I’ve really overhyped this, this could be a list that a donkey might be able to come up with and now I’ve certified myself a genius), my following tips and tricks are;

1. Add a Chandelier!
Or a pendant, or just some form of lighting that fits in with your theme or look and will be that statement piece or wow factor. The best part may be that they don’t have to cost a killing. Mine was $80 from Bunnings and I love it. Just keep in mind the size of the chandelier, make sure either it, or complimentary lights offer good lighting to the closet and just know that lights always look better in the space.

2. Mirrors, and mirrored surfaces.
Where possible, try to have a full-length mirror inside your wardrobe, but having said this I know it isn’t always feasible. For example, I highly doubt that I’m going to be able to fit a full-length mirror inside my wardrobe, but I do plan on having one leaning against my wall just outside of the closet door. I will, instead though try to make the wall on the right hand side of the closet, which is empty, have some mirroring whether that’s a full panel or more decorative. Mirrors help make any room feel a lot bigger. I’ve seen people mirror closet drawers, behind their shoe walls, doors/ cabinets and more. If you do opt for this try to keep it very neat and in theme.

3. Match your hangers.
Truly every time I hear this I remember how important it is. Ever since we were younger my mum has always made it a point for us to have our hangers be all the same, even if that was just the plastic Disney Princess ones. At the moment everyone in our house has wooden hangers (we just buy them from Woolworths) and they’re awesome but when we move to the new house I’ll be switching out from wooden hangers to black velvet hangers purely because of the amount of room they take up. The ‘bulkiness’ (I use that word loosely) of the wooden hangers had never really affected me until I decided to ditch my clothing drawers and attempt to hang the majority of my stuff. I realised then that if I wanted to keep hanging almost everything I’d need the velvet hangers.

4. Display Hooks and Folded Stuff
Think about your wardrobe as a little mini boutique (you want to feel like you’re shopping in your wardrobe), everything you look at you should love. There should also be variety in the way things are being displayed to you. In my wardrobe I have glass front drawers so absolutely everything is on display for me. While I do have to keep my clothes folded, I find it gives the boutique feel I was talking about earlier. Folding is a really easy way to give that look and I highly recommended it for knits (so they don’t get stretched out on the hangers) and stacking about 5 high at max. Another awesome way to display an outfit is with a display hook so you can see the full outfit immediately (I would put my recent or most favourite purchases there).

5. Furniture
Now if you can fit furniture in your walk in wardrobe then you probably have one of those seriously crazy beautiful closets I was talking about! Furniture wise I would keep it to an ottoman or display chair that suits the style of your wardrobe or bedroom. You might want somewhere to sit whilst you’re trying on your shoes or what have you but make sure not to overcrowd the space. If you haven’t got a whole lot of space but really want to get something in there for you to sit on try a semi-circular ottoman.

Hopefully these tips are a good starting point for you or maybe it’s even the little things that you can take away from this post. But please share with me any pics you might have if you apply this to your wardrobe/ closet, I’d love to see them!

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