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Hello, welcome… whatever! Just know that if you’re reading this then I’m beyond thrilled to have you here. Welcome to the blog that I’ve been working on for what feels like a lifetime now.

Jordy Blogs was born out of frustration in all honesty. I knew what I wanted to do with my life, but I didn’t KNOW. Ya know?! I knew that whatever I was doing, I wanted to be making peoples lives beautiful in anyway I knew how.

First that started off as me wanting to be a make-up artist, and then an interior designer, and then a stylist and then a closet organizer, and well I think you get the picture. I thought that there were so many different areas that I was focused on and loved that I just couldn’t decide on one. So I thought that Jordy Blogs could be my way of showcasing them all whilst being informative, allowing you to get to know me and hopefully helping you think about mundane things in a new and exciting way.

Like I said, I just wanted to be making people’s lives more beautiful! I know, beauty is such a vain thing and such a loose term. My definition of beautiful? Well that’s being your best and doing your best to me. But to find out what that looks like, you’ll just have to read on.

So if you’re a real person who’s reading this (thanks mum, but I’m not counting you in this one) then I really hope you like what you see and maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to come on this journey with me.

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